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In order to provide technical services for the use of modern building materials, the consultant has taken the representation of the consortium (SURE LEVEL Australia & TERRACO (SWEDEN), the production of the products of these two companies for more than 20 years and in the field of chemical products and Modern products of the building are working. These products are produced in Iran (Qazvin aquarium) and quality and after sales service are among the top products of Iran. Equipped laboratory has been located in the factory, in order to prevent the quality of the product. For example, ETICS products have a technical certificate from the center Qyqat are Housing and Urban Development (Section 19)
A summary of the product categories is as follows.

  • Types of Lubricants (SURE Plast)
  • Concrete Requirements (SURE ADD)
  • Leveling products And finisher (SURE FINISH)
  • Grouts and Mortars (SURE SET)
  • Products of the facade (SURE COAT)
  • Sealing products (SURE SEAL)
  • Construction Adhesive and Adhesive Products (SURE FIEX)
  • Building insulation outer shells (SURE COVER COMPOSIT)


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